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2019 3D Shoot Sponsors

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, who were kind enough to contribute to our 2019 3D shoot, ensuring that there were prizes and food for everyone!

•Strathmore Dairy Queen

•Strathmore Humpty’s

•Murray Chrysler

•The Pratt Family

•The Beck Family

•Calgary Archery

•Strathmore Mobile Archery

•Big Horn Archery


•Canadian Archery Marketing and Sales

Your support in our club means the world!

Thank you to the Strathmore & District Agricultural Society for providing our winter facilities.

Thank you to the Western Irrigation District for use of the land for our Outdoor Range.

Thank you to Rocking Horse Industries for moving our Sea-Can.

Thank you OK Tire in Strathmore!

R. Pratt Ventures

Thank you R. Pratt Ventures for your generous donation to our Sea-Can!

Thank you to Strathmore Mobile Archery Supplies.

Thank you to Bumper to Bumper in Strathmore for all of your generous support. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Crosshair Equipment Rentals for your generous donation towards our Sea-Can!

Thank you to Peak Pipeline Rentals for your generous supprt!

Thank you to Rockyford Steel for your donation to our Sea-Can!

Thank you Fountain Tire in Strathmore for your generous donation!

BECK Construction

Thank you BECK Construction for your wonderful donation to our Sea-Can!

Cottrell Ventures

Thank you Cottrell Ventures for your generous support!

Thank you Murray Strathmore for the amazing donation to our Sea-Can!

Thank you Knight Plumbing, Heating and A/C for donating new arrow stands to the club! We will put them to good use.

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